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DTF Gang Sheet | 16"x20" | Cold Peel

DTF Gang Sheet | 16"x20" | Cold Peel

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Upload your artwork, we'll print your DTF gang sheets, ship them to you, and you press them on whatever you choose!


Layout your artwork however you see fit.  Use THIS TEMPLATE in Photoshop to create your gang sheets.


Things to remember while creating your gang sheet(s):

1. Do not change the template's resolution (300 DPI) or the canvas size (16"x20")

2. Remember to leave the background of your gang sheet TRANSPARENT - Files with solid background colors surrounding images will be rejected and could result in your order being significantly delayed

3. Images DO NOT need to be mirrored

4. Save/export the final gang sheet as a PNG

5. Be sure to leave enough blank space between images in order to safely cut them out before pressing.


Cold Peel Instructions:

1. Pre-press apparel items for 2-5 seconds in order to flatten the material

2. Place a cut-out DTF transfer film on the apparel item - Make sure the image is facing up, white side down in order for the image to transfer

3. Place a Teflon sheet or other protective sheet between the film and heat press heating element 

4. Press the film for 20-30 seconds on medium pressure (40-50 PSI) @ 320°F-356°F (Lower temps for polyester and polyester blends and higher temps for 100% cotton items)

5. Allow the film to cool completely, usually 30+ seconds, before removing the film.

6. Using the protective sheet again, re-press the exposed print for 10 seconds @ 320°F-356°F to melt any remaining adhesive powder and make your images color pop!

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